Sunday, February 28, 2016

Half Moon Babe

Despite being busier than ever with work, John and I are still committed to taking advantage of this year as northern California residents. 

This weekend's adventure: Half Moon Bay! 

Soooo beautiful!! 

And, our quick trip couldn't have been more relaxing. 
It was a nice, easy drive, followed by a day playing at the beach, casual walks along the ocean, some crafting and shopping downtown, and sushi for dinner. 

Nothing better than our time together! 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

So Sporty!

Audrey's been so sporty lately!!
Of course, she's my sweet volleyballer. 

We play in the backyard all the time! She loves to practice passing.

But, we were very excited to teach her how to ride a bike this weekend!!!!!
She's getting so big and facing her fears!

Check her out:

Audrey Rides a Bike!! from Kerry Sutherland on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Two Teeth, One Week!

On the night before Valentine's Day, we got a special gift...

Or should I say, we lost a special gift? 

Audrey lost her first tooth!!! 

Our good friends from Irvine were in town for a visit! It was such a great night!!
Audrey was SO SCARED to lose her tooth (many tears were involved). But, she did it and she was so proud of herself!!

And, in case you were wondering, the tooth fairy left a very rare, $2 bill under her pillow that night. 


But, the tooth fairy fun wasn't over!! 
Just three days later, I picked up Audrey from school and she said she had a surprise for me...

It was a second baby tooth, gone forever!!! 

We are all loving Audrey's new, toothless grin!!
Keep smiling, pretty girl! 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Audrey's Baptism

Audrey really wanted to get "bath-tized". I think that's my favorite part, that Audrey made the decision for herself. Of course, we didn't push it at home. But, she learns about God in school and the last few months she's been asking and asking for a real Bath-tism.

And, I can't really think of a better day for a Baptism than New Year's Day! Talk about a new beginning!! Audrey was honored to have Uncle Mato and Aunt Amy stand with her as her Godparents. It was a simple, private ceremony at Our Lady of the Snows. And, it was absolutely beautiful...just like her!

Congratulations, Audrey!! Pray for us all!!! We love you!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reflections: 2015

2015 started with a trip of a lifetime for me and John... in Tahiti!!! film a realty show, but I'll save that for another day. 

Motu Teta 

Le Taha'a

The Filming Crew.

Bora Bora

I made a video of the trip (of course), and for the first time, John did too!
You can watch them here and here and pick your favorite. 


But, John and I weren't the only ones who enjoyed a few special vacations this year... 
Audrey got in on the fun too!!

We took the train from Irvine to Santa Barbara for a long weekend. 

We went to Cabo for Spring Break!!! It was AMAZING!! 
Minus the 24-hour illness Audrey picked up... 

But, she bounced back and at least we have this memory with Daddy: 

We took a few, spontaneous day trips too, like: 

Breakfast in San Francisco. 
Fresno with the Fasi Family. 

Wine Tasting in Napa.

Apple Hill.

Nevada City in December.

There were some epic weddings this year, including Jill + Zach in Graeagle. 

And, Courtney + Cody:

I made Courtney and Cody this video to celebrate their big day!


As always, Audrey had many important "firsts" this year... 

First Crush (and maybe kiss?), Flynn from Irvine. 

First Volleyball Team. 

Audrey was Coach's Helper (aka, Mommy's VIP) and we had a blast at practice and games together! 

Audrey's 1st Golf Lesson: 

Mommy and Me Golf Lessons. 

First time writing her full (super long) name... 

Audrey's first x-ray... 
At least we had the BEST doctor! 

And, sadly... Her first (and hopefully last) trip to the emergency room for stitches. 

Audrey enjoyed her first summer camp this year, too!!

We got pretty creative, too, with the first "Mommy Camp". Which mainly consisted of all-day activities and mini-field trips for the two of us like...

A tour of the Jelly Belly Factory. 

A week in OC to visit the beach in Laguna... 

And, of course, Disneyland!!! 

Our Kindness Camp led to Audrey's first-ever "going viral" moment... 

You can revisit all the Mommy Camp fun in this post here


And, our holiday celebrations this year were great! 

But, holidays weren't the only reasons to celebrate in 2015! 
We also had these graduates... 

Kellan graduated from high school. 

John graduated from residency at UC Irvine!!! 

Pretty big news this year was our move to Sacramento for John's fellowship at UC Davis, and Audrey's first year of real school... KINDERGARTEN!!! 

First day of Kindergarten! 


We enjoyed our time with our French exchange student, Cyril!! 

K. Sutherland PR Intern 

And, all of our friends and family throughout the year... 

Audrey's 5th Birthday Party at Donner Lake!


Happy New Year from The Sutherlands!!! 
As great of a year it was, we have a feeling that 2016 will be the best year yet!