Sunday, June 26, 2011

And We're Off...

The U-Haul is packed (or should I say STUFFED), the cars are loaded, gas tank is full, and our Huntington Beach condo is waiting for us...Wow! That came so fast...And, as exciting as it is to begin this new adventure, we are so sad to leave Reno. There's just so much to love.
Family, we love you.
Friends, we love you.
To our house, we'll miss you.
I'd just like to vow right here, right now NEVER to become "that" Reno person/couple who grew up in Reno, went to school in Reno, etc...Then, for whatever reason moves away to somewhere bigger, "better", whatever, and all of the sudden is a total Reno-hater. Things in {INSERT CITY HERE} are just more XYZ, and Reno just can't compete.
I love Reno.
I won't become that person. And, I know I can speak for John on this one too.
I'm sure Huntington Beach will have different things to offer our family and life...The beach is a good start. But, I'll always love everything about my hometown.
Wish us luck! And please- COME VISIT!!!!
Also, thank you so much to our parents who spent the day packing/loading with us. It was a lot of work, and we appreciated your help sooooo much!
love, kerry

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