Saturday, June 18, 2011


You would have taken me for the blogger type. I've always kept a journal, and enjoyed writing. In fact, the oldest diary I STILL have is from 1993 when I was 10-years-old (mostly about boys and homework). I should be very clear that when I say I "journal" I am NOT saying that I have a pretty book that I casually visit, write in from cover to cover with random thoughts, nothings, updates, feelings, etc.. until I either fill it up or lose it. Oh no. I basically have my own personal library, deserving of its own card catalogue and everything. My journals are all very specific. They are filled with entries about an individual idea, person, emotion, time or event in my life. I write when I feel like it (which is less often since I've had a baby), and each individual entry belongs in a specific book, with a specific hiding place in my house. Some books will probably take me a lifetime to fill, and others have become a series of books. I love my journals.

But, you know what's funny?

I NEVER read them.

All this love, and effort for my journals and I only touch them to write, at least for now. Perhaps my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will appreciate my effort, and enjoy my thoughtful entries (particularly about math homework in third grade, and boys playing basketball at recess).

Nevertheless, you would have taken me for a blogger. And, why'd it take me this long anyway?? Typing is already proving to be quicker, my right hand isn't cramping, and spell check- THANK YOU! This blog will not replace my journals all together. It's a hobby, and habit of at least 18 years. And, I can't even say for sure that this blog will really stick, but the time has finally come for me to try.

While not giving too many specifics about my personal life, this still is the internet after all, "love, kerry" will be my notes for you. I'll write to you about everyday things, family adventures, current obsessions...A little bit of everything (and honestly, this is Post #1 so who really knows)!

In 8 days my husband, daughter and I will be moving from OUR hometown. We've grown-up here, all of our families are here, and friends. While we're so happy to take this new adventure, we will really miss everyone and I hope this blog will be another easy and fun way for us all to keep in touch regularly. I'll post pictures and notes as often as possible, and look forward to hearing from you too.

Talk soon.

love, kerry

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