Monday, June 20, 2011

My Big, Little Baby

John and I knew that our kids would be above average (in multiple ways, of course). But, just like us, we assume that all of our kids will become the tallest in their class one day. Audrey had her 9-month well baby check with the pediatrician today, and like all of our doctor visits to date, the main discussion was about Audrey's size. Yes, she's off the charts- 100th percentile plus in both height and weight (just like Mommy and Daddy were), but today was just hysterical to me.

Dr. P:
Ok John and Kerry, let me just show you this growth chart...

See this line, well it represents Audrey's growth...
And, this line down here is the average growth rate and size of other 9 month olds...

(Ok, we figured. Audrey's big for her age)

Now, let's look a little further down the line...

See the average height/weight represented here? It matches the line where we find Audrey's size currently.

(Ok, I see that. What does that mean?)

Well, what I'm trying to tell you is that Audrey's currently the same size as the average 18-month-old baby.

(WOW!!!! I can't believe she's THAT big!!!!!)

And, I think now would be a good time to discuss some strange looks you might be getting at the playground....


It's not uncommon for kids like Audrey, who are just soooo much bigger for their age, to get funny looks from other parents...They may be wondering, why doesn't she talk yet? Or, is she slow?


You'll find yourself wanting to yell, "She's only 9-months-old!"
Just know that Audrey is perfect. She's growing perfectly, she's developing perfectly. And, you have nothing to worry about. It's too be expected with parents like you!


I love our pediatrician, and I'm really going to miss her after we move, but this conversation just cracked me up!!!


I will say- if she's right, I feel sorry for those parents at the playground who give me or my big, little baby any funny looks. =)

love, kerry

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