Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On My Love List: Peanut Estelle

Last week I got my first Peanut Estelle package in the mail. My talented and stylish future (sooner than later, Mato) sister-in-law recently opened an Etsy store, and is selling her very own unique, handmade jewelry and accessories. I was so excited to order my first piece- the necklace I'm wearing here, although hard to see- and I am still beyond impressed by the designer's creativity, style and initiative to start an online store in the first place! I got so many compliments today on my necklace, and I felt extra special to be able to say it was made by someone close to me. Nice job Amy!!! Thank you for both my beautiful necklace, and the matching earrings! You are amazing, incredibly talented and I know your store is going to be a hit!

Happy shopping!!

Here's the URL to check it out:

love, kerry

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