Monday, July 25, 2011


I love to travel.

I love to explore new places, and learn new things. I enjoy an adventure. I like putting myself out there...even if it makes me look stupid. I enjoy meeting new people, and exploring other cultures.....

I'd like to say that traveling is a hobby of mine {and John too...yes, you do have hobbies}, but really?

Not many people can claim "travel" as a true hobby.

Sure, I did the typical graduate from college, blow your savings on a backpacking trip through Europe thing...But, world traveler?

I have been lucky enough to see more than a dozen European countries, and a lot of the United States too. And, perhaps I've been even more lucky to have spent significant chunks of time in two countries (France and Italy), and made life-long friends abroad. But, there's still so much I'd like to see, people to meet, and places I'd love to visit.

And, maybe {hopefully} one day I'll have:

1) More Money
2) More Time

to really live my travel dreams.

But for now, travel for me means 1 trip per month to Reno for work.
{Grateful, by the way}

LONG gone are the days of grubbing it, sharing a room with friends (or a dozen strangers in a hostel), skipping meals to save money for museums (or beer), ETC, ETC, ETC...

I'm a MOM now, and Audrey is a part of every move I make...

And, obviously-


In fact, last week I took my greatest BACKPACKING trip of all time.

Orange County (SNA)--> San Jose (no plane change, just stop)-->Reno (RNO)

Why was is it so GREAT???
Thank you for asking.

Well, because it was Audrey's FIRST EVER plane trip!!!!

See, I'm still backpacking!
I've just traded up to the Ergo Baby Carrier {thank you Grandpa Dan}!

And, let me tell you-
despite being a little worried....
Audrey was soooo good!

People (fellow moms, not naming names) made me very concerned that Audrey would probably:

scream the entire flight in fear,
scream the entire flight in pain (ears),
move non-stop/never sit still,
bug the person next to us,
kick the seat in front of us,
act super bored and annoyed,

Not the case with MY baby!

But, I will say...
My biggest challenge to report...
Major arm cramping from:

{A Sleeping Angel}

Are you kidding me? She couldn't have been more perfect!

And, when she was awake, for example the first 10-15 minutes of each flight, she was pure joy.
Curious about all the new people during boarding,
friendly with the people sitting in our row,
excited by the captain speaking over the intercom,
surprised by the feeling of take-off,
Perplexed while looking out the window and traveling through the clouds...

She was....

{Sigh...Nuf said.}

My favorite backpacking trip to date.

love, kerry