Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Audrey!!!

Dear Audrey,

You're 10 Months Old today!!!!
How did that happen so fast???

I love you baby girl! You are a beauty, so fun to be around, so smart and funny...just perfect really.

Yesterday, you amazed me by tying a knot with the strap to my bathrobe. How did you do that? Next up- shoelaces! (First though, mommy needs to buy you some big girl shoes).

You're already a problem solver too. I watched you learn the difference between horizontal and vertical while you were playfully dropping toys into the kitchen from the other side of the baby gate. You thought it was so funny, and I was impressed.

Although things change so quickly, this month I'd say...

Your favorite foods: chicken, steak and puffs
Your favorite song: Patty Cake
Your favorite toy: scary doll with red cheeks that light up, or any book to chew on
Your favorite non-toy: Mommy's keys and Daddy's wallet (both will likely be another favorite when you turn 16)
Your favorite activity: looking at/talking to dogs
Your favorite word: Dada...could be Dad...could be Dog. I'm bitter. ;)

Some new discoveries & accomplishments this month:

Standing by yourself (only happened once, and lasted less than 30 seconds),
Drinking water from a sippy cup,
Moving to a new home,
Swimming in a pool,
Cruising and talking more and more...

You're the best little girl in the world, and I hope you have a great birthday!!!!

love, mommy

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