Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Friends!

"Who are these people," Audrey asked.
"These are new friends," said the Mama. "You'll like them...Just be yourself."

May I introduce you to the Radiologists of UCI...
{and me and Audrey}

Here are 5 of the 6 residents in John's "class" and our new friends these next four years.

So far, everyone seems really down to earth.
Really nice, and actually normal (despite the stereotype of radiologists...sorry John).

We're excited to have some friends in OC now, and looking forward to the next four years!

I also had a dinner on Tuesday with a girl my age, Jami, who I am semi-connected to through work.

We are both 27.
Both work in marketing...and, in the pet industry.
We know a lot of the same industry people, which is crazy.
We both played volleyball.
Seemed to have similar sense of humor too...

I think we have a lot in common.

And, she was really sweet to take me out for happy hour, and teach me about living in southern California (she's from here, the "inland empire", to be exact. I have a lot of new lingo to learn).

I would like to think that I'd be as nice to someone who moved to Reno.
I know I'd want to be. Does that count?

love, kerry

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