Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On My Love List: Paper

Some of you are already laughing.

You know I have a real love for paper.
It's true.

I love note cards, stationary, pads of paper, single sheets, journals, notebooks- you name it!
I'm excited by fun paper weights, elegant finishes, interesting binds...
I love paper and stationary stores! My latest obsession- Sugar Paper in LA. Check them out.

And, well, who doesn't love a great greeting card? Be it Christmas, a party invitation, birth announcement, Father's Day card {refer to previous post for a real-life example}, ETC...

Greeting cards are great! Fun to pick out, assemble, mail, receive.
I love paper.

Ask my mom, it's always been a love of mine.

In fact, I think she has this very picture of me, at the same age, playing with paper...
{uninterested in all the fun, real toys around}

Audrey takes after her mommy on this one....

Paper's great!

It's really been on my mind lately as I plan for the most important birthday party of my life-
Audrey's 1st Birthday Party!!!!

I've sent some good cards in the past...
You may have seen some of my work.

So, this card's really gotta be something.
And, it will be no matter what, obviously.
But, still.

Audrey, what do you think?

I know, it's tough.
The quest for the perfect card...
I'm always searching.

And now that I'm a "blogger", or whatever, I have the PERFECT platform to share and recommend my favorite online paper and stationary stores with you!
Kinda fun.

On My Love List:

You're welcome, and happy paper purchasing and card creating!

love, kerry

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