Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where the Sidewalk Ends

There is a place where the sidewalk ends...

And it's where ever it feels like it in HB!

Seriously. We've never seen anything like it! All we want to do is enjoy an evening walk around our neighborhood, look at the beach houses, pass through the parks, make our way Downtown and to the beach, and it's like we're running an obstacle course!

On the sidewalk,
Through the grass,
Bounce down the curb,
Sharp turn around the parked car,
Up the street,
Avoid pot holes,
Look for traffic,
Back up the curb,


Perhaps we wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for Audrey, but pushing a stroller down streets where the sidewalks come and go as they please is a new challenge. I mean, as a responsible parent I try to avoid pushing her alongside passing cars...I'm doing the best I can.

Apparently HB doesn't have any city rules regarding sidewalks. It seems to be up to the homeowner to decide...If you want a sidewalk in front of your house, it's up to you to put it in yourself. I'd say it's about equal- houses with sidewalks, vs houses without.

Oh well. The walks are still wonderful obviously. Just a funny quirk about our new neighborhood.

Glad it reminded me of one of my favorite children's books though...Thanks to my Grandma for giving it to me for my birthday in 1992. I still have it, and can't wait to read the poems to Audrey when she gets older.

love, kerry

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