Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Like Me? Just Like You? Just Like Who?

Oh man, what have we created???

This crazy girl's always into something, and pushing the limits...

She's the type who'll always have something up her sleeve.
Always calculating her next move.

But, because she's just so darn likable and cute- she'll always get away with being "bad".

Yet, despite the trouble she may get into at times, she's ridiculously sweet.

Already, extremely thoughtful.

Loyal and loving.

Intelligent and compassionate.

I also think it's safe to say that she's going to be an adventurer.
She can't even walk yet, but trust me- she's on the move.

She wants to explore.

sample something new.

She's not afraid of the unknown.
In fact, it excites and inspires her.

Audrey's Type-A, in control, independent, and takes charge too.

A chief, not an indian.

She'll tell it like it is, and demand your attention.

She's not even afraid to boss THE BOSS around.

And, she already learned that a little attitude can go a long way if played correctly.

{yes, those are baby scrubs}
She's so funny too.

She loves being with people, and making friends.
She's very social.
But, she's also got a great imagination, and can make fun happen for herself, all on her own.

She's easy to love.
THE happiest little baby I've ever seen.

Her smile is perfect.

So Audrey,
who can I thank/blame for all this AMAZINGNESS wrapped up into one little baby girl?

Maybe Dada???

{You are such a daddy's girl...}

Or, I don't know...

Maybe you take after me???

Doesn't really matter.

We are just so in love with YOU!!!

love, kerry

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