Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Need Your Help!!!

Sometimes my best ideas come when it's too late...And, although this is still a bit of short notice {sorry, but...}, there's still time! Woo hoo!

As you likely know, my Grandpa Al will be turning 79 on September 1st.

It's been a hell of a year for him...You already know...

To make him feel even more special on his birthday, I ask you to please send me your favorite memory (or more) with him, about him, whatever stands out to you. In fact, send more than one memory (each on individual pieces of paper please)...I will be stuffing each note/memory in its own envelope (79 envelopes to be exact), and preparing as one, complete gift from all of us for Grandpa.

79 amazing memories,
79 thoughtful notes,
79 incredible years.

It doesn't need to be anything fancy. Whatever works best for you- it's as easy as a handwritten note, signed with your name!

I really appreciate your time and effort for this project. I know it will be very special to Grandpa. Please forward this along to anyone you know who might also want to contribute! I have a lot of envelopes to fill!

Your notes should be mailed to me by Monday, August 29th.

Need my mailing address or email? Please call me...This is the World Wide Web, after all.


Thank you so much!

PS- No, Grandpa doesn't read my blog... Too much "technology" involved. I have to print entries for him and snail mail them along so he can keep up. ;)

Need some inspiration? I have LOTS and LOTS of memories... But, here are a few that immediately come to mind. I hope some of these inspire your notes...

I have so many holiday/birthday memories...But, this is one from a joint birthday party we had at our house in Reno, for Grandma and me in 2006.

At my college graduation party in 2007...Also the day John asked for Grandpa's permission to propose marriage.

My wedding day...

Great Grandpa Al, 9.8.10.

love, kerry

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