Friday, August 12, 2011

On My Love List: Professional Photography

You know me, I love getting my picture taken... ;)

And, go ahead and [insert tease here of me being obsessed with myself or something], but honestly, I just think professional photos are so important, and too often overlooked.

In my personal opinion, your photography should be among the biggest investments at your wedding. Period. The dress, the cake, the flowers, the favors...What do they matter if you don't have photos to remind yourself of that very beautiful day? I honestly couldn't even tell you off the top of my head what types of flowers I had in my own wedding bouquet, but I know they were beautiful and that a lot of thought went into picking them out. I'm really glad I have photos to refresh my memory, and that I can share with Audrey one day.

{Photo by Gina Munda}

And think about those old photos that you have and enjoy in your own life...

I love looking through-
My Grandpa's old high school football and police officer photos,
Mine and John's baby books,
My mom's old modeling portfolio,
Our families' old wedding albums,
and so many more...

And, I'd be so disappointed if I didn't have a photo to capture PERFECT moments like this...

{Photo by Gina Munda}

Or like this...

{Photo by Skye Snyder}
Or like this...
{Photo by Skye Snyder}

I actually didn't take photos like a crazy woman before Audrey...I will give you that. I made the commitment during my pregnancy that I would get professional photos of her every three months, just for the first year. Every mom I talked too while I was pregnant just went on and on about how much babies change in their first year...I wanted to capture as much as I could reasonably afford.

It's the photo journaler in me, I suppose.

And, I've really enjoyed all my pictures around the house too. In fact, one of my favorites is a 12-month frame that I bought at Pottery Barn Kids here. I update the frame on a regular basis (one photo for each month during Audrey's first year), and I'm amazed that it's about to be completely filled soon!!! I literally look lovingly, and in disbelief, every single day. Time goes so fast. (Great gift idea for any new mom you know, by the way).

So, I think I've made my point...Professional photography is something worth spending the time, effort and money on at least on an annual basis.

That said, to the purpose of tonight's post...I have Audrey's 9-Month photos from Skye Snyder Photography for your enjoyment, and I AM IN LOVE!!!

I should start by saying that Skye is a FANTASTIC photographer in Reno. She is such a kind person, so talented, and really captures the individuality and personality of the people she photographs. Her prices are fair, and I have trusted her to photograph some of the most important times in my life- my pregnancy, Audrey's one-week birthday, one-month birthday and nine-month birthday. She'll also be photographing Audrey's 1st birthday party next month. I highly recommend Skye, and encourage you to check out her website here, or to read her blog here. She's also always got fun contests, promotions and discounts on her facebook page here.

{These photos were taken in June, 2011 by Skye Snyder Photography at Bartley Ranch in Reno.}

love, kerry


Five said...

This is EXACTLY what I've been telling my sister (she's getting married soon).

Kerry said...

Glad to hear you agree!!! Best of luck at the wedding!!! If you're in Reno, Skye is GREAT!