Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Day at the San Diego Zoo

I couldn't wait to take Audrey to the San Diego Zoo.

Sure, she's a 10-month-old baby. She won't remember the trip. Maybe not even the next day.

But, so many new discoveries, sights, sounds, smells...all in a single afternoon.

How amazing and fun for all of us!

And, let me just say now that she was so....





Such a happy girl.

All day I couldn't help but wonder,
What is she thinking of all this?

I wish I could read her mind.

Audrey, this is a polar bear.
He lives where it's cold.

And don't be scared.
Mama's got you.

Let's wave!

Hi Mr. Polar Bear!!

Daddy, baby wants a better view of the Polar Bear.

Ok, let's Clap! Clap! Clap!

Mr. Polar Bear, nice to meet you!


Audrey, look!

There's a mama deer and her baby...

Yes, you're so smart!
They do like the deer at Grandpa's house.

{let's move on}

Now, what's this big, huge, slow thing with the long nose???

Daddy, is he going to get me?


No sweetie, he's our friend.

Ok, ok. I couldn't resist.
John, just one picture please!


Audrey, how's your day so far?

Well, you just sit back and take in all this zoo excitement!

You're doing so good!!!!


Audrey, look!!!

What's that???

I'll give you a hint...

Looks like Sophie, and is our family favorite in the WHOLE zoo.

That's a good-looking family of giraffes if you ask me.

Yes, baby girl. I know.
The birds at the zoo are boring. And there are SOOO many darn birds everywhere!!!

But, these are PINK!!!

Let's stop for a minute.

{Four Hours Later}

So Audrey...
How's your day?

We've tried to keep it fun, and stick to the bigger animals that actually move.

And, we're so sad too that all your favorite ROAR animals from the books we read at home were sleeping...

No fun
tigers, or

{next time}

Where to next?

Should we head to The Outback?
Back to the Safari?
Over to Asian Adventure?


{So Sweet}

Ok baby girl.
We'll head home.

Sleep tight, and sweet dreams.
We had a wonderful day with you at the zoo.

love, kerry

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