Saturday, August 20, 2011

Steps in the Right Direction


Just in time for a fantastic weekend!!!

I had anther busy week in Reno... Great work, family, friends, news...Great time!

We're making MAJOR progress in the walking department, and with only about three weeks until Audrey's 1st birthday- we (more me/John than Audrey) are committed to getting it down ASAP!

Audrey is advanced, ya know.
OF COURSE she'll be walking before her first birthday...

Audrey, don't let us down.

I'm only joking.
Kind of.

She's getting there...Watch. Audrey. Go.


In other news, I spotted my first Real Housewife of OC at the airport.
She expected.

We've got Travis and Tracee in town today, and we're going to spend tomorrow with Mato and Amy in San Diego!

More to come, but hope you have a great weekend!

love, kerry

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