Sunday, August 28, 2011

We've Got A Walker Girl!!!

Audrey's really moving now!!! In fact, we bought her shoes (finally)! She's much more confident walking barefoot at home and she threw the biggest fit wearing her new shoes during the car ride home from Payless Shoes, but we walked home from the park today (almost the entire way), and she's getting better with every step!! She'll probably be running by her first birthday!!

Can't wait!

Oh yeah, she's also figured out how to open the doors in our condo. That's been fun!

And, finally.

Audrey never really NEEDED a binky. Sure, she liked it and always took it around bedtime, but cutting it out of her life was a snap. No problem...The last few days though, for whatever reason, Audrey keeps finding binkys in her toy drawers/boxes/bins/etc...And, sure enough- she's in LOVE again.


And, John's not helping the situation...

Yup. I know.

We're supposed to be taking them away, not encouraging her to try two at the same time!

Oh, but it is so cute... Just one picture, and that's it! ;)

love, kerry

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