Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mission: Camp Sutherland

While I was in Reno last week, I helped Jason to organize and decorate a NEW bedroom/playroom for the boys... It was a lot of {fast} work, but honestly so much fun!!!!

As you know, it's all girl around here, and I had a blast coming up with non-pink/garden/princess themes and ideas for a very fun, personal, all-{sutherland}-boy room...

The concept- Camp Sutherland- couldn't have been more perfect. 
The boys (adults included) are in love with the great outdoors. Be it camping, hunting, hiking, exploring, rock collecting, fishing, swimming, fossil name it- nature is number one

It took approximately three full days of planning/work/cleaning/painting/organizing/shopping/decorating/admiring, but it was totally finished before I left on Friday afternoon. 


Allow me to give you a quick tour...

First, check out this handmade (thank you Grandpa Steve) camp sign...So personal, so cute, and the anchor of the boys' room theme. 


My other FAVORITE personal element- all the family photos, sporadically hung around the room, depicting the clan enjoying the outdoors and adventure. 

Judy, how many prints did we buy???

At least 50, I'd say. 

Here's a great group of guys...
{minus three very special boys who couldn't fit in this particular shot}

Even though I wasn't there to see their reaction, I hear the boys LOVED their new outdoor room. It's my guess that in addition to the Camp Sutherland sign and the family photos in the room, the boys loved their new:

Twig lights strung from the ceiling, 
outdoor-green painted walls
camping/fishing themed bedding,
organized toy boxes and dresser,
and clan tartan bow on the door outside. 

Love those boys.
Loved this project. 

love, kerry

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