Thursday, September 22, 2011

tOO sOOn? maybe.


Live in the moment.
Live in the moment.
Live in the moment.

I try to remind myself that life goes fast enough. I mean, Audrey's already the BIG 1.

Enjoy every moment, every stage and every age. 

This blogs helps me to do just that, actually.

But yesterday- despite knowing deep down that it may have been too soon- I took Audrey to the library. We needed to get OUT!

And, I have great memories being a kid, and visiting the library at Old Towne Mall.

I thought, this will be fun.

And...well, it was a BLAST!

The library is beautiful inside and out! The children's section was HUGE, and Audrey really enjoyed all the kids, books {paper}, fish aquariums and fountains, toys, giant stuffed animals... It was so cute. 

Now, could we cuddle up on a rocking chair and read a new book? No way.
Too many new people and things to watch. 

Reminded me of being in college, and "studying" at the UNR library.

Oh and, did I qualify for a library card? 

It's been awhile {embarrassed} since I read a book that didn't start with "What to Expect"...

God, that sounds bad. 
You understand.

But, I finally have an interest in a new book,
Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin and sadly, I couldn't get it (or anything). 

But, that's another story for another day. 

love, kerry 

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