Monday, September 5, 2011

A Virtual Tour

I'm not really sure why I stopped at the living room, photo wall plus couch yesterday...
Not too many of you have seen our place in HB! I know, we've been here over two months and I'm still not totally unpacked/decorated. 

We've been a little busy!

But, our condo is really great for us! A great size, really nice, and has everything we hoped to find in a rental close to the beach. I'm getting more and more decorating done, and this long weekend was very productive! It's feeling more and more like home everyday!

Let me show you around...

Here's our private backyard! 

Yup! We have our very own backyard, and a weekly gardner included! John and I have dreams of planting more, particularly a lemon tree...We'll see how it goes. One project at a time!

And, this is our kitchen! It's small, but just right for the three of us. Nice appliances. Gets the job done...

The view from inside the kitchen, looking into living room. 

Love this Ikea gem! Great toy storage along the bottom, and so pretty! Nice work Steve for assembling this monster!

So, I'm not sure if it's totally obvious from these pictures, but because I work full-time at home {with Audrey} I actually made the condo's "dining room" our living room, and we use the larger, open, carpeted "living room" as my home-office/Audrey's playroom. It's actually great because OUR living room is between the kitchen, and the backyard- the most lived-in areas of our house and it's very bright.

Speaking of office, here's a shot of where I work, and Audrey plays.  

And, I just love Audrey's room. So precious! So Audrey!

I'm still working on decorating the rest of the condo, so stay tuned for more photos soon! Hopefully before Christmas. ;)

Note: We have THREE queen beds in our two bedroom, one bathroom condo. Oh yes, and a great pool across the street! Visitors welcome!

Enjoy the short work week, friends!

love, kerry

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