Sunday, September 4, 2011

We Have a Living Room!

It's been over two months that we've been living in HB, and we FINALLY have a living room!!!!

So long patio chairs! Back to the backyard for you!

Our amazing, comfy couch arrived last week and today...the framed photos/art have moved to the wall {where they belong} from the floor in our bedroom. YAY!!!

I love photos...See previous posts if you don't already GET IT. But, I'll take family photos over any other wall art, or painting any day! More personal, and photos of people you love NEVER get old!

Here are a few shots of our new collage, family photo wall with beautiful new couch! So comfy, and so homey! FINALLY!!! We love it!

Hope you get a chance to see it in person! The pictures don't do the room true justice. ;)

love, kerry

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