Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I've been working on something special.
Something new to make love, kerry even BETTER.

And finally, after lots of time and work, I'm proud to introduce...
love, kerry videos

Here you'll find our very own online library of family videos. 
{Look Right}
Brilliant home page button design, Evan! Thank you so much for your help! You are the B-E-S-T!
Wait, what do those letters mean?
Inside joke.

I went ahead and uploaded a few old favorites.
"Audrey's 1st Year" video is of course a star on the channel.
But, you'll even find a few other old videos of Audrey that didn't {couldn't}make the final cut in that particular 1st year tribute.

And, even though John's HATING me for it...
There are a few videos of him...Being awesome.

I hope you enjoy, and stay tuned. More videos coming soon.

love, kerry 

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