Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Sign???

I love that this just happens to be "our" lifeguard tower.
So perfect. 

Is this a sign? 
{Or, can I read into this little, insignificant coincidence...please?}

I could get used to this. 

The last few days have been pretty normal, really. 

Nice run on the beach,
pool time,
lay in the sun and watch some beach volleyball,
even PLAY a little pepper with my man,
swinging and dog-watching at the park,
paddle surfing competition,
summer BBQ with friends,
and, even plans to attend a sandcastle contest tomorrow in Cornoa Del Mar. 

It just keeps getting better.
I've heard everything is better after kids. 

No disrepect to my non-baby life. 
So, let's just say it's a different "better".

Audrey, what do you think?

Yeah, I thought so.
You're happy.


Three months in, and we're getting comfortable...

love, kerry

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