Sunday, October 2, 2011

SoCal Castles

We're always looking for fun things to do, and new areas to explore on the weekends.  
We rarely have plans. 

Although, this weekend WAS different. 
We had a few residents over for a BBQ last night. It was fun!

But, last week I stumbled upon a website promoting the "50th Annual Corna Del Mar Sandcastle Contest". I marked the calendar immediately.

Just a short drive from our house is this beautiful-ness.
We were practically in awe by 1) how gorgeous it was and 2) how rich people are in southern California. 


How can people afford to live, like this, here? 

Anyway, a beach is a beach- always beautiful really. 
But, the neighborhood in Corona Del Mar was outstanding. 
Ridiculous beach mansions, and even what we decided had to be Hansel and Gretel's real house:

The sandcastle contest was also impressive. 
I can only imagine the amount of patience you must need to have in order to construct sandcastles like...

Too bad Audrey slept through the entire trip. 

But, we had a great day. 

love, kerry

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