Thursday, November 17, 2011

Every child is an artist.

You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this...

Pregnant women are compelled with the most random projects during the "nesting" period. I'd say I'm pretty much a perma-nester, but the hormones last year gave me an excuse to be extra crazy and pursue my organizing, filing, cleaning, categorizing, improvement, touch-up compulsions. 

I. am. an. addict. 

One prego-project that weighed heavy on my mind during the third trimester was an art box. Don't know why, but I seriously needed to organize an art box for Audrey before her big arrival. I didn't really care to be logical. Never considered how old a child is before they care about markers, construction paper, glitter or jagged-edge scissors. I just knew that John and I would bring our perfect bundle of joy home for the first time to a sanitized house with fresh crib sheets and shampooed carpet, a dresser overflowing with footie-PJs, diapers and wipes, and of course- a crayon-smelling, new, organized art box.

I also knew my personal collection of art supplies {even materials from my own childhood}were all over the house- stuffed in the back of junk drawers, tucked away in the spare bedroom closet, and even boxed up in the garage. 

So disrespectful. 
It kept me up at night. 
Something had to be done. 


For the last 14+ months, Audrey's magnificent mommy-made art box has been neatly tucked away, just waiting...

I've tried, trust me, SEVERAL times to bring it out and play...But, she just never showed much interest in anything besides eating crayons, or construction paper, or both at the same time. 

Today though, I watched my pretty girl come over to my desk, steal my pen and a piece of paper {from the trash} sit on the floor and start to draw....all by herself.

A prodigy? 

Thank goodness I was ready! 
I jumped to my feet, and presented her with an art box full of creative possibilities, that was made with love, just for her!
You name it- you've got it baby girl! 

I've been waiting for this...

And, it was soooooooooo worth the wait.

She was adorable, and colored quietly and happily for LITERALLY two hours. I had to stop her so she could eat something, and she must have been beyond exhausted from her artistic expressions because {also} for the first-time ever- she fell asleep in her highchair, in the middle of lunch. 

I know!

Before we packed away the art box for the day, I helped her put the finishing touches on her perfect masterpiece, and proudly posted it on the sliding glass door- right next to our front door. 

love, kerry

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