Friday, November 4, 2011


Thank God I came out of my shell. 

I used to be so shy, and I mean PAINfully shy.
Ok, ok. Maybe hard for some of you to believe. But, trust me. 

Middle school was good for me.

Lately though, I've been striking up conversation with practically anyone with a baby who looks like they want to chat {or not, fine} at the park.

I gotta put myself out there, meet new people, make friends...Geez.

Thick beard, oversized muscles {i mean, beer belly} plus overwhelming tattoos? What's up!
Pesticides in the grass worrying you, and giving your baby a skin rash? I hear ya, sista!

It's only been four months...It's not going to happen over night, but I'm trying.
And, succeeding. 

We had one couples' dinner date on Monday night in downtown HB during the Halloween Kids Festival.

And, OMG girl has ended up being #amazing!

She is soooooooo nice, has been beyond helpful {introduced me to her nannies who may be helping me with Audrey too...and yes, plural- she has one child...multiple nannies...#superrich}, and she has a sweet 11-month-old-son.


We've been talking/texting almost everyday this week, and we have had a few play dates at her house, and the park.

Oh and, she owns a pole dancing {exercise...duh} studio in the super-snooty-south-orange-county.!

Things are looking up.
Friends are coming in, and I........

#feel grateful

#love, kerry

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