Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scaredy Claus

Unlike almost every mall and commercial in America, I have resisted {somehow} the urge to post anything here related to christmas-trees-santa-claus-mistletoe-holiday-card-green-wreath-red-candy-cane-caroling-reindeer-snowman-stocking-present-gingerbread-glitter-lights-sledding-wrapping-paper-ornament-snow-globe-elves...until now. 

I'm so excited for Christmas.

It's such a magical time of year. People are happy. The music and decorations are fun. Lots of parties. 

I love Christmas.

ESPECIALLY now that we have Audrey...

Kids make holidays like Christmas AMAZING, don't they? 
I know, it's going to keep getting better too. 

So speaking of malls, they are amazing down here! They really go ALL OUT for the holidays too with beautiful decorations, the Winter Wonderland setting, the reindeer carousel, crafting stations for kids, a miniature snowy city with trains, and of course- 
the real Santa Claus! 

Naturally, we've already paid a visit. 

South Coast Plaza, Winter 2011

John and I thought it would be a great Saturday afternoon activity a few weeks ago...
And, I'll be honest- we {or just me} needed a good photo for our Sutherland-Family-Holiday-Card-2011! More details on that coming soon. 

We should have known better. 
We should have learned from recent experiences like this and this.

I suppose rational thought was lost at the sight of  fake snow-covered, sparkling Christmas trees en-masse, and smells of holiday spice and pine trees from the nearby candle shop. 

I thought even a photo with Audrey crying on Santa's lap would work...It would be kinda cute, right? 

Oh no, we literally won the worst parents of the year award that day. 
It was torture.
Not even a little cute.
We couldn't get out of there fast enough! 

We apologized to the photographer. Not only did we waste his time, walk away without paying for a single print, but seriously the scene Audrey made probably scared every other child {and adult} in line behind us. 

Merry Christmas! 
See you next year....Or, when she's about 5. 

Needless to say, I didn't get that holiday card photo I {we} envisioned. 

I don't care though. We've got plenty of time to enjoy Santa. 
And until then, I'll keep this gem proudly on display {from way back when she was a good girl}:

Audrey's 1st Christmas, 2010

love, kerry

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