Saturday, December 31, 2011

12 for 2012

Go into new things {like a new year} with a plan. 
Clear Goals.
And a strategy for success. 

And, write it down.

Tonight, our family set a few goals for 2012. 
12 in fact. 

We each identified three personal New Year's Resolutions, and collectively decided on three for the family. Audrey's input was invaluable. ;)

Our group resolutions are no-brainers really, but worthwhile still:

1. Be more healthy as a family.
2. Save more money as a family.
3. Do even more together, create more lasting memories and family traditions.

Oooh Audrey.
Her goals for this year were adorable {as usual}:

4. Keep smiling.
5. Stay above the upper limit of the growth chart.
6. Be potty trained before 2nd birthday.

John plans to:

7. Learn to surf.
8. Procrastinate less.
9. Decide on a specialty.

And, I will: 

10. Learn to sew {thanks again John for getting me a sewing machine for my birthday}. 
11. Start a business.
12. Expand my knowledge of technology.

We're in this together!
And, we can do it! 
We can do anything!


Ok, before there are too many questions...
My new hobby {sewing} is not only going to be fun, but will hopefully become a business for me too the year! 

Assuming I actually learn how to sew. 
And, am good at it. 
Good enough to actually ask people to pay me for my work...
I know. 
It sounds crazy... and crazier, literally as I type this post.

You'll be in the loop along the way, but I have a plan to make & sell a line of children's products. 

I know!

In fact, today I opened my beautiful new sewing machine and practiced making my first {the easiest} product within my line. Here's a sneak peak, but stay tuned for more details!!!

It's a rough draft, but I'm really excited!!!!

This is going to be a good year. I know it. 

love, kerry

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