Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas JOY

Let me tell you about the true meaning of Christmas.


Santa was REAL good to us this year. 

We had an AMAZING Christmas in Reno, and are beyond grateful for so many amazing gifts, memories, fun, family...

Audrey was pure JOY too. 
{as usual}

You could tell that she knew it was a special weekend. She didn't tear through her gifts {at least not like her cousin Cole}, but she was into it...and a bit overwhelmed. 

It took me all day to organize our loot!
And, it merited a complete toy-room {and closet} makeover. 


New clothes!!!!

Model your new clothes, please! Go Pack!

Mama Audrey pushing her baby in the stroller. 

Princess Audrey!

Audrey steals Cole's new toys.

Audrey LOVES all of her new books!

Cole...I mean, Spiderman.

Hand painted for Dada, love Audrey.

Back home. Can't wait to show off my new clothes at the park!

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright. 

love, kerry

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