Thursday, December 15, 2011

Miss you. Love you.

It's been a nice week, but we miss you.

I swear- I've had the best intentions to text you more pictures.
For one reason or another, it just hasn't worked out. School, sleeping, driving, work...It's just been busy, and we're exhausted!

But, I know. No excuses.
I wouldn't accept them from you.

Apparently, according to her teachers, Audrey not only has the best hand-eye coordination in the class, but she's a real "Godzilla". While all the other kids are building towers of blocks and toys, Audrey is busy running, right through them, tormententing the entire class, teacher included, screaming.

Love her.

As usual, she's been her crafty self too.


Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday afternooon.
And, hope you have a great Friday at work.
Vacation is right around the corner...

PS- I'd pick you first.
PPS- 10 days until Christmas!!!!

love, kerry

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