Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections: Twenty Eleven

For our little family of three, it was pretty major to relocate to Huntington Beach in June this year. 

We packed up our 3 bedroom house in Reno, made the long drive to HB {special thanks again to Judy and Steve for their help}, and were literally moved into our beach condo in about 48 hours total.

Packed and on our way!

Our second night in HB...Beautiful. We are so lucky!

And, I'd say that in the last 6 months- we've gotten the hang of this whole new beach way of life. 

AVP Men's Beach Volleyball Final Match

Our favorite spot to play!


This year, I think we did a pretty good job of introducing Audrey to new things, experiences, adventures. So many opportunities to learn and grow. Of course, I'll always feel like I could have done more. But, we enjoyed this year. 

San Diego Zoo
Long Beach Aquarium
Nevada Discovery Children's Museum

Audrey and I have traveled back to Reno every month since July for my work.

She's getting really good on planes. 

But, we had a few fun, real vacations this year too.

Our "Orange County Tour" was in May to find a place to live!

Audrey FIRST day at the beach!!!! Laguna Beach, of course...

John got to visit Mato and Amy in Austin!

And, I traveled to Denver for one of my best friend's wedding!

Emily & Matt,  July 3rd

In addition to Matt & Emily, we had a few other friends who made 2011 their year- 
Jesse & Erin
Kate & Jake

You all had beautiful days. Lots of love. 
So happy to have shared in your joy.

And, BABIES were big in 2011! Our friends welcomed:
Baby Beckett,
Thomas & Ryder,
and Grace!

But, we also said goodbye too.
After a tough, but fast battle with cancer, we lost Grandpa Al on Friday, November 25th.

Forever in my heart.


Audrey has grown so much this year.
She's such a happy girl.













She had an AMAZING 1st Birthday Pawty too!

We are so proud of our little girl.

And, as usual, this year John was awesome. 

Internal Medicine Preliminary Resident of the Year

Holidays are always so special to me. 

My Mom, and My Baby on Mother's Day
Audrey's 1st Easter
Pumpkin Carving

And, as you've heard...
We had a GREAT Christmas!!!


Visitors are ALWAYS welcome in HB!!!
And, we had some great company in 2011!!!


A toast to 2011- a year of change.

Good times, 
new beginnings, 
and lots of growth.

It's been fun, but 2012- I'm ready for you.

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2011

love, kerry

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