Monday, January 16, 2012


There's something wrong with me. 

I burnt SPAGHETTI tonight. 
That's right, spaghetti. 
I didn't even know that could be done. 

Pot- ruined.
Focus- lost. 
Dinner- palatable...barely.  

My lack of thoughtful posts lately isn't because I have nothing interesting to talk about...
Actually, it's been the opposite around here. 

Things are....happening. 


We're happy. 
And, hungry. 

But, I'm glad you keep coming back, checking in to see what's new with us, and hoping for a new picture of the most beautiful baby girl in the world. 

Thank You!

I {oops, this blog} will be back to normal soon.

love, kerry


Erika Peterson said...

We all have our spaghetti burning moments :)

Allison said...

No worries! I had my first "poop everywhere" moment with Grace! Let's plan a phone date some time soon!

Kerry said...

Haha! Allison, I remember that moment!!! It was so cute, and gross at the same time. Confession- I took photos. ;)