Monday, January 30, 2012

On My Love List: Apple

We are officially an Apple family. 

John & Audrey playing with their new iPad!

John suggested that I take a photo with all of our Apple products together.
Their own little, family photo.

That, I will not do.
Sure, we have become an Apple family, but who isn't?

Apple products are the BEST. Period.

John's work has REALLY hooked us up this year! We got the BIG laptop, and the iPad (just this weekend) for FREE!!!!

We had the rest- a small laptop (from my work), the desktop computer, two iPhones (each), and an iPod.

We love it all, and honestly are things we use every single day (totally worth the money).
I. Will. Never. Go Back.

So, Apple- if you're reading this....We ARE your poster family. Call me, and I'll get you that photo (so long as it involves some free stuff).

Too far? Maybe.

love, kerry

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