Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm struggling to find a theme that is our weekend...

So, RANDOM it is!

Let's start at the Regatta.

Kyle (my older, younger brother from San Diego) stayed with us as his sailing team competed this weekend in the Rose Bowl Regatta at a yacht club in Long Beach.

Naturally, I wore my Sperry's.

We had a nice visit, and John and I were really happy to be there, and cheer him and his high school team on! Of course, Audrey was her usual charming/funny/curious/beautiful self.

She loved the birds, and they hated loved her too. 

Next, there was a trip to Koreatown in LA to visit my awesome, free-spirited, creative, nomad friend, Erin. I've missed her, and we enjoyed the catch up session. She's up to her usual...just finished her novel, writing a few screenplays, meetings with agents, modeling/acting auditions, dating famous LA directors+... She's just fun. I hope all her dreams come true. 

While in LA, I shopped for some new love, kerry fabrics...
I also sewed another love, kerry product...

Needing WAY more practice, but not discouraged. It's only 8 days into the new year.

John and I enjoyed lunch yesterday in Belmont Shore (neighborhood in Long Beach). And, I've decided that rap artists have given Long Beach a bad rep. Obviously, it's a HUGE city, so there's going to be good and bad...And, I'm in no position to argue with (the late) Tupac over what is and isn't a Los Angeles ghetto.

I'll take your word for it.

But, I've really LOVED what I've seen so far...Belmont Shore was ADORABLE!!! Definitely wanting to go back and spend more time exploring.

And, is it really a weekend without Disneyland? We just spent an hour-or-two tonight, no rush, easy dinner, very casual and fun. 

This will NEVER get old...

Merry Serbian Christmas!!!
And, happy 16-Month birthday, AUDREY!!!! You're so easy to love.

love, kerry

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