Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Independence Day

Good morning,

This day is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Independence Day. 

Few of you know this, but two weeks and one day ago, I quit my job for something bigger.

Goodbye consistent paycheck.
Goodbye retirement fund.
And, {sadly}, goodbye to some really talented, really fun, just really good people- some of my former co-workers.

But, I'm only looking forward now, and I'm moving on to something better- my own business.

MY very own PR and Marketing Agency. 
MY chance to do business the way I want to do it. MY chance to execute work the way I want to do it. MY chance to work with clients the way I want to do it. MY chance to do business where I want to do it. MY chance to have complete control over the way MY team will work internally.

I have a vision, a plan for something new.

Something that I believe my future clients, my future employees, and of course myself will really be happy about.

As you can imagine, today will be busy.
Bring. It. On.


I'd also like to mention that in addition to being my first official day "on my own", today is also Audrey's 17th Month Birthday! Yay! And, if that still wasn't enough to make 2/8 special forever- our good friends, Jamie and Graham are in Kauai today- getting married.

As John would say- Happy Independ-Birth-Wed-Day!!!

So, celebrate with me- turn on (and blast) your favorite song, CLICK HERE, and let's party!

love, kerry

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