Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stuck On You!

So, stickers are kind of a big deal at chez-nous. 

Audrey is fascinated by these little pieces of beautiful, colorful paper, that feel so funny on her fingers, and stick exactly where she wants...

At our house, stickers {mostly Disney princess-themed, flower and/or hearts} are on the usual targets- paper, books, her body.

But, I've got a creative baby who thinks outside the box- and on the furniture, on the dog, on her toys, the phone, the toilet.

I've seen it all.


But, this one sticker tonight...really, the inspiration for this entire silly sticker post... was carefully selected, brought to me as a surprise, and applied to my sweatshirt by her perfect little piggies....

She always knows JUST what to say...right when I need to hear it...

Thanks for the support pretty girl...
It's all for you {and, of course, Dada too}.

love, kerry

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