Friday, February 24, 2012

To Whom it May Concern:

It has been recently brought to my attention that SOME OF YOU {not naming names} may be finding my blog posts lately a bit shorter, and less thoughtful than usually.

Geez...... SORRY! 

Not like I'm busy quitting my job, setting up a business, establishing my company brand and values, hitting up potential new clients, leasing office space, WORKING, hiring an employee...

And, I'm not at all busy being a full time mommy with responsibilities including mealtime, bath time, diaper time, play time, walk time, park time, dance time, read time, beach time, sticker time....

And, oh yeah- full time wife too, busy with... there's gotta be something....sorry John.
Just kidding.


Tough crowd.


But, thanks {I guess} for the casual reminder to pick it up. I gotta keep you wanting more!
Blog more- check. 

Also brought to my attention this week:

For a house with a tall, rambunctious toddler- we have WAY too many Sharpie Markers. Where the hell did they all come from? Costco?

Peanut butter SHOULD NOT be a part of EVERY meal in our house. We. Are. Gross. 
Peanut butter on bread for breakfast, a spoonful for a snack, PB&J for lunch, another spoonful (with chocolate) for dessert. It just needs to stop.

No one in Orange County owns their car. It's not possible, and I won't believe otherwise. It's all about the LEASE and UPGRADE around here...Just keeping up with the Joneses, I suppose.

Speaking of Orange County, Real Housewives- I'm so glad you're back! But, HD-DVR- thanks for letting me record and watch on my own time!

Audrey CANNOT go into the bathroom alone ANYMORE. She locked herself in for the second time today, screaming and crying for me to save her...It was horrific. But, it got even worse when I ran to the kitchen to fetch a knife and set her free, and stepped in some fresh Jesse puke on the kitchen floor...Barefoot. Lesson learned- use the freaking baby proof door lock!

Why didn't I think of Pinterest? I love it!!!!!!!!! By the way, follow K. Sutherland PR's pins here. {Promote my own company- check.}

I am obsessed with checklists.

And, I need to get more sleep. Goodnight.

love, kerry

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