Friday, March 23, 2012

don't worry kerry, we will be just fine...

Today mommy had some important meetings in LA and nobody was available to watch Audrey. So, daddy stayed home from work to watch the baby. Work has been tough lately, and I could use a day off (plus Audrey was "sick" and I stayed home to take care of her, in case anyone asks).

The day started off great. Mommy helped get A ready, actually, all she did was put her hair into the cute pigtails. Big deal, how hard could that be.

So, mommy left at about 11, so Audrey and I went downtown. The usual, Starbucks for special milk and a sweet treat, then to the pier.

I don't know what Kerry usually does, but Audrey is quite independent. She met all sorts of new people at the pier, mostly stray large pitbulls and their charming owners, and homeless drunk bums, but I couldn't really tell because she was so far away from me most of the time. She really loves climbing up the big stairs, all by herself, she didn't even fall, not once.

She did some posing, too. She loves to say "cheese!!!!!"

Hmm, what else did we do. Oh yeah, lunch was uneventful--left over bbq steak and veggies.

Nap time was quiet. I did some reading, almost took a nap myself.

Audrey and I spent the rest of our day at the Vet, which turns out was really fun for Audrey because she got to pet all the doggies that came in. Luckily, none were as sick as Jesse. She also talked to all of their owners. Not so much talked, but baby babbled. She is so big that people think she talks, so they ask her what her name is, they ask her what kind of dog she has, they ask her what her favorite color is. And all they get is a stare, and then something that resembles English but at times sounds like Chinese, or French, or even German. She goes on and on, and for some reason, most of these people tilt their heads and nod as if they are listening and comprehending, then they squint their eyes and try to read her lips, and sometimes respond with another question, then finally give up. Then they look at me as if I'll translate, and I just tell them its OK, I have no clue what she is saying either.

So, if you haven't heard, Jesse has quite the allergy problem. An allergy problem that leaves him making weird sneezing noises for hours at a time, makes him continuously chew at his paws at all hours of the night, gives him either an ear or eye infection (or both) every 3 months, and causes him to have nasty scabs all over his skin. He is the dog equivalent to a VA patient. Today his eye had pus coming out of it, so it was time to go to the vet, again. 

This is what his eye looked like after they cleaned off the pus and crud and put medicine in it, imagine what it looked like before.

Yadda, yadda, he got a steroid injection and his ass got shaved, and I left with 4 new medicines and a ridiculous bill.

So. Where was I. 

Dinner.  But had to get her ready first, so I quickly and painlessly, and without any crying or swearing, easily recreated the pigtail look.

Ok, one off center pigtail and lots of crying and cursing.

Ahh yes, dinner, AKA french fries in the liquor store. 

You know, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing Kerry wouldn't do. 

And, on the way home, Audrey got to ride backwards in her stroller. Please note what happened to her hair.  

After some march madness basketball, she put herself to bed. Seriously, she told me "night" and walked into her room and pointed at her crib. She had had enough of me. It was a great day; very glad I was able to stay home with my baby, who was "sick"; sick of not spending enough time with dad. And, on that note, Kerry just walked in from her dinner meeting. 

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