Monday, March 26, 2012

Here Comes Audrey Piggy-Tail

The only people you'll find at the mall on a Sunday morning, one hour before it opens are people like us-
with a BOB stroller, diaper bag clipped and toddler running {screaming} freely,
who've been up for at least 4 hours already,
just looking for something kid-friendly to do OUT OF THE HOUSE...

Come on people, let's get going with the day already!! We've got a crazy child with crazy energy to burn!

Yesterday was cold and rainy. Not our typical beach-day. 
So, the mall seemed appropriate.
They are so beautiful here, with gardens and fountains. 
A nice place to casually walk. 
And of course, there are fun shops too, perfect for some quick indoor shelter or rest if needed.

All I really wanted to do at the mall, albeit dorky, was pick up the second book in the Hunger Games series. 
I'm hooked.
But, as luck would have it, we stumbled on something even more special and exciting...

The Easter Bunny.

But, you know how this story ends...
With a shy-girl, clinging to her Dada for safety, repeating "noooooooooooo". 

When will this be fun for you, Audrey?


It's ok. 


The malls in OC also all have....

pet stores!


This is the real Easter Bunny, anyway!

I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE Easter, bunnies, baskets, bonnets and more!!!
Pretty much everything except for the church/religion part.
Too far?

Anyway, we're also sooooo looking forward to celebrating in Austin this year! 

Hope your weekend was great, and that your Easter plans are coming together beautifully. 

love, kerry


PS- GREAT job, John! LOVED your guest blog post. 
And, LOVED our first-ever OC date-night on Saturday. 
Let's do it again sometime soon, ok?

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