Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Home Sweet Dreams

We had some pretty fabulous playdates last week in Reno,  and oddly EACH included exciting news from friends of either 1) a new house being built, 2) remodeled, or 3) just recently moved-in.

The real-estate market must be making a come back! Awesome!

They were all equally amazing homes/plans too! I'm so happy for these friends and their families. Life is exciting. But, it also got me thinking....This doctor stuff is hard. 

I get it, one day it will all be worth it. And, I couldn't be happier with our HB beach condo, a couple blocks from the beach and Main St., modern appliances, big rooms, a backyard, neighboring park and resort pool...We're very lucky, but it made me miss our house. And, I don't mean "OUR" old house necessarily, just the idea of "OUR" home. A stable, comfortable home to live, improve, enjoy...settle into to.

We can't do much about our living situation now considering that in 3-4 years, we'll be moving again. So, I'm not going to dwell on this unstable feeling, but rather focus on the positive.

We have so much ahead to look forward to, and....more time for planning!

I love an organized, thoughtful, strategic plan.
What can I say?

I'll just enjoy this living-in-vacation mode for the next few years, while I can, and when I miss the "OUR" house stability, I'll remind myself that it's coming....And, there's limited time to really figure out what we want out of "OUR" next home...Better get to work!

Some immediate ideas come to mind.

I want a KILLER backyard. I want to entertain, and be the cool house for Audrey and all her friends. One of these would work, I guess... 

I would also like an older house, in an established neighborhood. So, I can't really expect many bedrooms like a newer home would have, and in fact like the idea of our kids sharing a room. Custom bunk-beds like one of these would be BEAUTIFUL:

Beautiful for older kids!

Everything about a kitchen intimidates me. Seriously. So, I don't even know where to start...
This is beautiful, minus gaudy chandler. 

A SWEET master suite is mandatory. I think it's about time for me and John to get our own closets too, and a relaxing bathroom would be so amazing... You know how much I enjoy the spa!

Love this style, but again- what's with the chandeliers???

I know I'll have other requirements, and requests like:
A big pantry.
A bacement/game room/craft station would be fun.
A his/her home office is a no-brainer.
Then there's the garage, storage, curb appeal, and more....

OH, and of course I dream of a Donner or Tahoe lake house too!!!

We'll see, but good thing I've got some time to plan! 

love, kerry

These photos and some other inspirations can be found (with links to original source) on my Pinterest board, "Decorating My Future House".

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