Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ahhhhh..... springtime.

Audrey and I shared a lovely afternoon yesterday resting at the park with another mommy-daughter duo. We played, sang songs, chased doggies, and enjoyed the sunshine. I think Audrey was showing off in front of her new friends too. I can't even begin to tell you the cute, adorable, funny, silly things she was doing and saying. Once again, I was a proud mama. 

I let her run free at the park. It's a big, open grassy space and I can safely watch while allowing her to feel independent. She kept her distance from me too, testing the limits. 

When she got as far as comfortably possible, she stopped and squatted. Something got her attention, and it looked fun. Afraid it might have been dog poop, I called for her. 

"Audrey, come here please."

Yeah right. That doesn't work. 

And, naturally right when I stood up to go get her myself she started running in my direction. 
I sat back down. 

As she approached me, I could see she was holding something tightly in her hand. 
Great, I thought. Say bye-bye park and playdate, it's bath time.

Fortunately, I was wrong...And, pleasantly surprised. 

She ran right up to me, and with a gift for mama she immediately put this little piece of springtime joy in my hand.

For me????????

Melt. My. Heart. 

Audrey could clearly tell I was so excited by her gift. And so, she made it a game.

Back and fourth.

Making my day.

love, kerry

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