Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gruene & The Alamo

Can I get a YEEHAW for Audrey's first cactus? 


Mato and Amy obviously put a lot of thought into our visit because each day has been super fun and really unique.  

We started the day about 45 minutes outside of Austin, at a quietessential Texas old-towne- Gruene. 
Sort of like a classed-up Virginia City. 

We started with lunch at a great restaurant, and then just casually walked around the town and through a few of the fun shops. 

After a few hours we continued our day, and headed south another 30 minutes to San Antonio. 

First up: 

The Six Flags of Texas

John's not impressed with the Alamo's hospital.


Then, across the street and down a few stairs is the well-known San Antonio Riverwalk. 

A really beautiful, fun day! 

love, kerry

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