Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm worried...

Jesse's not well. 

I was hoping he'd feel better after a good night's sleep...But, he's still not himself this morning...

He had a follow up visit at the vet yesterday to make sure his eye/skin infections were clearing up. They are much better. We have a preventative plan in place, and I think it's really going to help. 

Naturally, Jesse was behind on a few of his vaccinations, so we caught up while we were in the office.

It's always SOMETHING, isn't it?

Anyway, he's definitely having a reaction.

Take a look at this photo- he's in our shower! He kept jumping in, like he was ONLY comfortable laying in the shower... He certainly didn't want a bath, but he wanted to sleep there and be alone. He's sleeping a lot, and not interested in moving so far this morning...

I hope he feels better soon.

love, kerry

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