Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mato!!!

Mato!!! Happy Birthday!!!

I hope you've been celebrating your birthday since Friday night! So awesome that it fell on a 3-day weekend! Wish we could be there with you and Amy, but we'll "party" in your honor tonight anyway with BBQ, beer and queso! I even added Hot Club of Cowtown to my Pandora station list.

Miss you guys, and have a great birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love, kerry, john and audrey

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Gym Scene

Nothing like a trip to Mexico in THREE short weeks to get me in the gym!
But, damn it! Where was this motivation three MONTHS ago??? Audrey and I have a pretty good schedule started- it works with my work; it works with her school; I've got this...Hopefully.

I laughed to myself this morning during bicep curls, Rep 2. There was a time in my life when a 30-minute run, just one time, was actually "enough" to tone my {once Olive Oil-ish} arms. That was it. Pre-summer work complete in just about 30 minutes. WTF? 

Moving on, I kept focus... Squats, lunges, triceps, etc, etc, etc, whatever...

Meanwhile, Audrey got to play in the Kid's Center. She never cries when I drop her off. She loves playing with other kids, and usually heads right for the coloring books/crayons, takes a seat and creates.

Feeling accomplished and confident after an hour of kicking ass, I entered the room to pick her up...and, didn't see her anywhere.

Brief panic.
Followed by confused look {glare} at the babysitter.
Followed by scan of the entire room.
Followed by a scream.


Bigger FREAKING-out-Mama-I'm-scared-please-help-come-save-me CRY! 

I was equal parts relieved and concerned when I finally {felt like forever, but really it was probably about 3 seconds total} found her...on the top, red {scary} floor:

I did what any normal, experienced, composed mother would do. I climbed up to save her.
Good thing I dropped a few pounds during that previous hour. I totally fit. 

It was really a scene, but luckily nobody saw except the dumb babysitter who actually asked, "what's wrong with her?"

"What's wrong with her {oh-no-you-didn't}?"

But, I quickly dismissed it; Audrey was ok. I did give her my normal- she's very big for her age, and while she might look physically capable to keep up with the big kids, she's really still just a baby, who can't really follow your instructions, so this toy isn't the best for her, MMMmmmmm-K { you idiot}.


Needless to say, we survived another day at the gym, and are probably both a little tougher for it.

love, kerry

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best. School. Ever.

REALLY enjoyed the Art Festival at Audrey's school this afternoon! 
It was so adorable. Art was on display by classroom, and parents had three little masterpieces to take home (for $10...worth every penny)!

 I'm loving Audrey's new school. 

love, kerry

Sunday, May 20, 2012

UCI Medical Center

There is a H-O-T radiologist who works down in the basement of this beautiful hospital. 

I hear he's a tall drink of water, nice to everyone, really funny, super smart, but somehow cool at the same time...His wife must feel really lucky.

love, kerry

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beauty and the beach.

We missed the duck race. Probably by about, oh, 5 minutes. 
I'll take the blame, whatever. 

Regardless, I don't think Audrey was too disappointed.

Oh yeah- kissing is the new big thing... 


love, kerry


There's another blog in my life. 

Several of you have commented {just this week} that you're missing my love, kerry posts. 
They're not as often as they used to be... 

I know! Trust me, I miss them too. And, I hate to use "busy" as an excuse, but... 

Anyway, I thought I'd formally introduce you to this "other" blog I've been cheating on love, kerry with for my agency, K. Sutherland PR...

Chances are if love, kerry isn't updated- K. Sutherland PR is- or visa versa. I can only be SO inspired and compelled to write for fun SOOO many times per day. 

Hope you'll check it out, and enjoy! Also, you'll see that I've added a direct link to the agency blog on the left side of this page so you'll always be able to click and link directly to the "other" blog in my life...

love, kerry 

Lucky Ducky!

Audrey L-O-V-E-S her bathtime duckies! 
For reals. 

I was her hero this week when I surprised her with a new PRINCESS ducky! The little things. 

Anyway, last night during our post-dinner {pre-bedtime} beach walk we were thrilled to run into this fun ducky family! 

Naturally, our lover girl hugged AND kissed every single least three times each.

The duckies were at the Pier to kick-off their main event- a duck-a-thon benefiting the HB health clinic that serves the uninsured and underserved in our community. 
The race is today at 3pm, and we're pumped! 

So help us cheer for our ducky, appropriately named "Audrey". 
We could win $1,000.


Talk to you SOON. I promise. 

This. Blog. Is. Back.

love, kerry

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


This will be perfect for Audrey's 2030 High School Yearbook's Baby Announcements.


love, kerry


Taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to my savvy Mom who closely follows my boards on Pinterest! 

It was beYOND amazing to receive not one, but TWO packages in the mail this week- each with gifts just for me;  recently pinned on my "Hey John, Buy Me This..." board. 


New sunnies!!!

 L-O-V-E them!!! 

AND a diaper/laptop/everyday bag!!!

Woot! Woot!


PS- John says thank you too. Now he doesn't have to "worry". 


love, kerry

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

We actually celebrated Mother's Day on Friday night. It was very thoughtful of John to think ahead, knowing that this weekend would be tough... So many pros and cons to being on-call and at home. He showed up from work that night with dinner, flowers, and a very sweet card. I'm so loved and lucky.


But, actually he deserves even more credit for thinking ahead at least a couple of weeks to somehow steal Audrey away from me long enough (on one of his days off, no less) to create this Mother's Day Masterpiece-


Since John had to stay home and work today (a lot), I had really good intensions to enjoy a mother-daughter girly day, shopping, playing, and laughing around Fashion Island... We'd each come home with a new outfit, splurge on some See's Candy and blast {Disney} music on the way home. 

And, we had a strong start, but after about 20 minutes in Anthropologie- we were both done. Maybe 10 years from now, but in the meantime, this is way more our pace...

Happy Mother's Day to all of the special moms out there, but especially my Mom, Kellie, and mother-in-law, Judy. 

love, kerry

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Out with the old.

My beloved Tahoe. It was time to say goodbye.


And in with the new.

Our new Honda Accord!

I'm taking over the {mom-mobile} CR-V for John. 

Happy Mother's Day to me!

love, kerry

PS- Wow! This is my 200th Post!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Did I tell you that Audrey started school?

Oh yes she did! And, it's really perfect. 

Where do I start... There's a vegetable garden that the kids care for, a super fun playground with all types of exercise equipment, an outdoor watercolor wall for painting, a SWEET sandbox, and they provide a healthy breakfast and lunch (thank god). There is also a music teacher that brings a piano and sings to the kids every Tuesday, oh- and art EVERYDAY! 

I. Love. It.

But, you know what... Audrey loves it more. 

Her first day, when I kissed her goodbye, she just looked up and me, waved and said "bye-bye Dada".

Sooooooo cute!!! 

A simultaneous "ahhhhh" from the three teachers in the room. 
"She's so adorable!"
Followed by me, 
"hey teachers, work on that- I'm Ma-Ma."
"Audrey- MaaaaaaMaaaaa."
Today was awesome. The school hosted a surprise Mother's Day party!!!

 I pulled up (in my half a%$ car. PS- new one coming soon), and they had prepared breakfast, and coffee, and flowers for every Mom. 

Oh, AND Audrey had a little present for me....

Yes, she has a cold. The one negative about daycare. But, she's still her happy-self. 

I had such a great day...even though Audrey and I weren't together.  

In My Office.

love, kerry 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Take it from me, the "firsts" never get old.


Baby's first smile, laugh, blow out, roll-over, food, step, word, dance, favorite toy, outfit, discovery... Every little detail is perfect, and it's been great watching Audrey learn SOOOO much in such a short amount of time. 

And, it's just the beginning. 

Yesterday had a few VERY BIG firsts, at least in my opinion. 

Most of you know that if Audrey isn't saying "Dada" she's probably saying "NO!".

It's almost embarrassing. You know the other parents at story time are thinking- geez, that kid's parents must be super duper strict or something... She only says "NO!"...Their energy is so negative.

Or, she's just a toddler people.

My natural response to these judgers, cue valley girl- um, like she's totally just going through a phase. We'll meditate on it. 

ANYway, I got off track. 

Like, I said- Audrey's got "no" DOWN, but "yeah/yes" has been "mine" for months...

That is until yesterday...

Disclaimer: Please pay no attention to her seatbelt, and do not call child protective services. She's more squirmy than normal lately, and well, I didn't notice until I watched it back on video (and John pointed it out). Real parents make mistakes. 

On to Disneyland....

It was your typical DISNEYLAND day, really....

Oh, until we had ANOTHER "first"...

Guess who's not afraid of the characters anymore????


love, kerry

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Another low-key, spring {feels like summer} day in HB. 

Not to mention, a good excuse to celebrate with an icy cold Corona.


love, kerry

Wednesday, May 2, 2012