Thursday, May 10, 2012

Did I tell you that Audrey started school?

Oh yes she did! And, it's really perfect. 

Where do I start... There's a vegetable garden that the kids care for, a super fun playground with all types of exercise equipment, an outdoor watercolor wall for painting, a SWEET sandbox, and they provide a healthy breakfast and lunch (thank god). There is also a music teacher that brings a piano and sings to the kids every Tuesday, oh- and art EVERYDAY! 

I. Love. It.

But, you know what... Audrey loves it more. 

Her first day, when I kissed her goodbye, she just looked up and me, waved and said "bye-bye Dada".

Sooooooo cute!!! 

A simultaneous "ahhhhh" from the three teachers in the room. 
"She's so adorable!"
Followed by me, 
"hey teachers, work on that- I'm Ma-Ma."
"Audrey- MaaaaaaMaaaaa."
Today was awesome. The school hosted a surprise Mother's Day party!!!

 I pulled up (in my half a%$ car. PS- new one coming soon), and they had prepared breakfast, and coffee, and flowers for every Mom. 

Oh, AND Audrey had a little present for me....

Yes, she has a cold. The one negative about daycare. But, she's still her happy-self. 

I had such a great day...even though Audrey and I weren't together.  

In My Office.

love, kerry 

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