Friday, May 25, 2012

The Gym Scene

Nothing like a trip to Mexico in THREE short weeks to get me in the gym!
But, damn it! Where was this motivation three MONTHS ago??? Audrey and I have a pretty good schedule started- it works with my work; it works with her school; I've got this...Hopefully.

I laughed to myself this morning during bicep curls, Rep 2. There was a time in my life when a 30-minute run, just one time, was actually "enough" to tone my {once Olive Oil-ish} arms. That was it. Pre-summer work complete in just about 30 minutes. WTF? 

Moving on, I kept focus... Squats, lunges, triceps, etc, etc, etc, whatever...

Meanwhile, Audrey got to play in the Kid's Center. She never cries when I drop her off. She loves playing with other kids, and usually heads right for the coloring books/crayons, takes a seat and creates.

Feeling accomplished and confident after an hour of kicking ass, I entered the room to pick her up...and, didn't see her anywhere.

Brief panic.
Followed by confused look {glare} at the babysitter.
Followed by scan of the entire room.
Followed by a scream.


Bigger FREAKING-out-Mama-I'm-scared-please-help-come-save-me CRY! 

I was equal parts relieved and concerned when I finally {felt like forever, but really it was probably about 3 seconds total} found her...on the top, red {scary} floor:

I did what any normal, experienced, composed mother would do. I climbed up to save her.
Good thing I dropped a few pounds during that previous hour. I totally fit. 

It was really a scene, but luckily nobody saw except the dumb babysitter who actually asked, "what's wrong with her?"

"What's wrong with her {oh-no-you-didn't}?"

But, I quickly dismissed it; Audrey was ok. I did give her my normal- she's very big for her age, and while she might look physically capable to keep up with the big kids, she's really still just a baby, who can't really follow your instructions, so this toy isn't the best for her, MMMmmmmm-K { you idiot}.


Needless to say, we survived another day at the gym, and are probably both a little tougher for it.

love, kerry

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