Monday, May 7, 2012

Take it from me, the "firsts" never get old.


Baby's first smile, laugh, blow out, roll-over, food, step, word, dance, favorite toy, outfit, discovery... Every little detail is perfect, and it's been great watching Audrey learn SOOOO much in such a short amount of time. 

And, it's just the beginning. 

Yesterday had a few VERY BIG firsts, at least in my opinion. 

Most of you know that if Audrey isn't saying "Dada" she's probably saying "NO!".

It's almost embarrassing. You know the other parents at story time are thinking- geez, that kid's parents must be super duper strict or something... She only says "NO!"...Their energy is so negative.

Or, she's just a toddler people.

My natural response to these judgers, cue valley girl- um, like she's totally just going through a phase. We'll meditate on it. 

ANYway, I got off track. 

Like, I said- Audrey's got "no" DOWN, but "yeah/yes" has been "mine" for months...

That is until yesterday...

Disclaimer: Please pay no attention to her seatbelt, and do not call child protective services. She's more squirmy than normal lately, and well, I didn't notice until I watched it back on video (and John pointed it out). Real parents make mistakes. 

On to Disneyland....

It was your typical DISNEYLAND day, really....

Oh, until we had ANOTHER "first"...

Guess who's not afraid of the characters anymore????


love, kerry

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