Monday, June 4, 2012

Quick Update

We're all busy and I totally get that, but sometimes, I feel really alone. Like nobody in the world can possibly understand the stress and busy-ness of my life. Maybe John. He could be responsible for killing someone, ya know. That's gotta be stressful. But, just taking the time to try and communicate my schedule and the pressures that come with it is really just a waste of time. And, I just don't have much to spare these days.

My brain knows I'm not the only person on the planet who's busy and stressed. But, it's getting ridiculous. And, I've always thought I was the type of girl who could really handle A LOT of shit.

I don't have anything major to update on today, but you deserve a new post... So, here it goes.

They braided Audrey's hair at daycare today...I can't believe I missed Audrey's FIRST braid. 
It's adorable. 

I have this beautiful, amazing cousin who recently turned 30. She and her boyfriend quit their cool jobs in Seattle, and are dodge mahul'n across the country for a few months... Not sure the exact length of their trip, but when I need to mentally get away- I check out her blog here. I'm so jealous impressed by these two, and excited about their adventures ahead. They'll be in LA Friday. I can't wait.

Audrey poops WHOLE blueberries (on a good day). It's disgusting. 

John bought Audrey a few outfits at Target last week. How cute it that?
And, the outfits weren't bad either. 

Speaking of... It just occurred to me that we arrive home from Mexico the night before Father's Day. 
How will Audrey and I find time to prepare something special???

Did you know John and I will be in Mexico next week? I CANNOT wait! I see lots of "mas cervesa por favor", tan-tan-taning, excess pool-bar-time,  and SLEEPING IN coming our way!!!!! Or, the exact opposite (probably more likely scenario): sick, hungover because we're out of practice, not sleeping at all because subconsciously we'll be waiting for Audrey to scream from the other room, or Jesse's sneezing-coughing-weazing-I-don't-get-it-attack or just home Audrey-sick in general. 

We have a not-so-awesome Possum living in the backyard. Mike, please kill it while we're in Mexico.  That would be amazing. You'll probably find him at night, looking for excess grease under the BBQ.

While I worked on Sunday, John and Audrey danced at the Pier. There's always live music. We're so lucky to live here. Apparently they got themsleves on HB-TV, and I missed it... That's it, I'll never be famous.

Speaking of dancing, we are loving family dance time (probably about every-other-night, on a good week). It always ends with a great three-way hug. They don't come cuter than Audrey. Trust me. 

I'm not a perfect parent, but it was amazing. We had TWO movie nights this week. Audrey's first-ever, actually- Beauty and the Beast. The second night we enjoyed Fantasia. Walt Disney was a genius.

In need of a Disneyland fix...already.

BTW, movie night was sparked by a baby girl with the daycare cold, and a bit of ear ache issues.
We're better now. Pooping blueberries. I told you.

Audrey's ALMOST hopping for real, and SO CLOSE to saying-

Mom and Mike, if she has any physical/verbal breakthroughs while you're babysitting- I don't want to know. Let me be surprised. Please and thank you.

Speaking of, John and I keep thinking of restaurants we've found down here to recommend. Here are a few that immediately come to mind:

Pizza Lounge on Main. St.
Eat Chow (for breakfast) in Newport.
Huntington Brew Co. and Avila's El Ranchero (both on Main) are always good standbys too.
You guys are going to have a blast. Sorry we'll be missing it. 

I'll be in Reno Wednesday-Thursday. I can't wait. 
Honestly, I have no time for a Reno trip right now, but it's going to be G-O-O-D. 

John's in the bathroom right now, finishing up bathtime and I just heard Audrey say
"bye-bye water". 
Now I have a naked baby running my direction.

I should go.

It's dance time.

love, kerry 

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