Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Cole!!!

Happy Birthday, Cole!!!

How's it possible that you're a big, 4-year-old already?!?!??! You're like a transformer! One minute- baby Cole. The next, BIG BOY COLE!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!

You're such a sweet, lovable, smart, kind, playful, entertaining little BIG BOY!!!!

We love you so much, and miss you!!! 

But, very excited to see you on THURSDAY! We're going to have the best time playing together in Idaho. Can't wait, and we hope your birthday was PERFECT... Just like you. 

love, aunt kerry, uncle john and audrey

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surf City, and it's no accident!

Well hello. 
And, welcome to the 2012 Nike US Open of Surfing

This is the BIG one. 
If you can believe it, even bigger than HB 4th of July...

Yes, and we'll be leaving town for vacation on Thursday. ;)
More on that to come. 

Anyway, the 9-day surfing spectacular started this weekend! So, we thought we'd check it out before it gets too big, and too crazy (ie- Sunday semi-early morning).  
God, I sound so old.

Hey look, more friends! 

These are our friends and neighbors- Kori, Jeremy and their sweet baby girl, Kai.

Jeremy's tats were a hit. We're so locals. 

Apparently 30 of the top 32 surfers in the world are in town for this competition.

Not to mention, there's a HUGE Converse skatepark on the beach, lots of shopping, demonstrations, major concerts scheduled and more! The event spans more than 14-acres. Really, downtown HB has been completely transformed!!

Slightly bummed that we'll be missing one of the free concerts on the beach- GroupLove on Thursday night. But, so focused on a SUPER FUN, AMAZING VACATION ON THE AGENDA for later this week. 

love, kerry

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Disney Day!!

SOOOOOOOOO, we go to Disneyland A LOT. 
Did you know that? ;)

We LOVE our family membership. It's just a fantastic way to spend the day, walking around outside, playing, riding, laughing, singing, dancing, loving life! 

But, I've got to say- it's EXTRA amazing when we can spend the day at Disneyland with special people...Like these fine folks: 

We met Joe, Lindsay and Oliver during intern year in Reno. Joe's an anesthesiologist in LA, so we all have a mutual hatred understanding and respect for this "way of life".

Anyway, they're only in LA but it seems to be way too few and far between our visits together. 

It was your typical, magical day at the happiest place on earth... 
It's a Small World,
Toon Town, 
and lots of chasing screaming, gleeful, giggly toddlers. 

Oliver and Audrey went CRAZY together! 


John and I even got a little crazy on Splash Mountain during nap time. 

Yes, it was a marvelous day!!!

Except for this one revelation....

Mommy's Tall Baby Problem #46:
When your little BABY is BIG enough to ride roller coasters! 


Audrey and John in car #1, Joe and Oliver in car #2!

I almost didn't make it. I was sweating, with a rash on my neck, TERRIFIED... Texting John while they were in line "please, please, please HANG ON TO HER TIGHT!!!!"

Jaw clenched, I watched closely. 

When it was over, I headed for the exit thinking that maybe Audrey'd stumble off, dizzy and disoriented, searching for the nearest trash can to hurl (like her mommy would)...

But, I was relieved when I caught her excited, happy little face running towards me. 

She LOVED it...

Two adorable kids- proud and excited!

love, kerry

Friday, July 27, 2012

Go USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's game time! The summer Olympics are here, and We ARE PUMPED UP!

I couldn't help myself... I had to organize a mini-Opening-Ceremony-Soriee-Pour-Trois!
Sorry about the French. #GoUSA

We cuddled up on the couch and enjoyed an Olympian Greek Salad:

Spring Mix Salad,
pitted Greek Kalamata Olives, 
Feta cheese crumbles,
red onion,
 tossed with red wine vinegar and a dash of olive oil.

Serve on fluffy pita bread if you need to add some carbs. 

Follow that up with a Patriotic Go-4-Gold-USA! sweet treat:

lite cool whip.

Serve chilled.


Just a couple of real winners...

Hope you enjoyed opening ceremonies as much as I did! 
Happy Olympics!

love, kerry 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


WOW!!!!! So super excited that Audrey's doggie-themed-1st-birthday-party was PUBLISHED on one of the most chic, modern, international pet blogs- Pretty Fluffy

You've got to check it out! 

love, kerry

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Judy!!!

I LOVE any and every excuse to organize a party.
Big, small, themed, surprise, professional and for no reason at all- parties are just awesome.
Ironically, more on my party planning obsessions coming later this week...

Today, though, we had a fabulous excuse to celebrate....

Judy's Birthday!!! YAY!!!!

So, I packed us all up for a picnic bonfire on the beach!

We enjoyed my go-to : grilled veggie panini, fruit salad, fan-favorite cocktails and naturally,


"Hey, Audrey..."


"Do you like s'mores?" 

It was a beautiful, relaxing night.

I know you can't see any faces, but this photo is lovely. 

Even the walk home was fun!


Judy, we hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing it with us in HB!

love, kerry, john and audrey

give me an 'A'

I'm almost embarrassed that it's taken us OVER ONE YEAR to see an Angel's game. 

It was pretty MAJOR. 
And, among many other things, I learned that Audrey's game face is... totally impressive.

It was an all-American, family night: baseball, beer and an ice cream face.

Judy & Steve- we're so happy that we got to share this experience with you! What a great night! Thank you!!!!!!

The view from our seats.


A is for.....







A is for...
My little Angel, Audrey. 

love, kerry