Saturday, July 28, 2012

Disney Day!!

SOOOOOOOOO, we go to Disneyland A LOT. 
Did you know that? ;)

We LOVE our family membership. It's just a fantastic way to spend the day, walking around outside, playing, riding, laughing, singing, dancing, loving life! 

But, I've got to say- it's EXTRA amazing when we can spend the day at Disneyland with special people...Like these fine folks: 

We met Joe, Lindsay and Oliver during intern year in Reno. Joe's an anesthesiologist in LA, so we all have a mutual hatred understanding and respect for this "way of life".

Anyway, they're only in LA but it seems to be way too few and far between our visits together. 

It was your typical, magical day at the happiest place on earth... 
It's a Small World,
Toon Town, 
and lots of chasing screaming, gleeful, giggly toddlers. 

Oliver and Audrey went CRAZY together! 


John and I even got a little crazy on Splash Mountain during nap time. 

Yes, it was a marvelous day!!!

Except for this one revelation....

Mommy's Tall Baby Problem #46:
When your little BABY is BIG enough to ride roller coasters! 


Audrey and John in car #1, Joe and Oliver in car #2!

I almost didn't make it. I was sweating, with a rash on my neck, TERRIFIED... Texting John while they were in line "please, please, please HANG ON TO HER TIGHT!!!!"

Jaw clenched, I watched closely. 

When it was over, I headed for the exit thinking that maybe Audrey'd stumble off, dizzy and disoriented, searching for the nearest trash can to hurl (like her mommy would)...

But, I was relieved when I caught her excited, happy little face running towards me. 

She LOVED it...

Two adorable kids- proud and excited!

love, kerry

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