Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Ha-ppy" 4th!

This time last year we were barely moved in... 

Carpets were still drying from THE-XTREME-deep-clean,
we were lounging on patio chairs in the living room discussing new furniture needs, 
and in fact, I wasn't even home yet from Emily and Matt's wedding in Denver.

I can't believe how fast our first year has gone.

But today, like "real" locals, we're enjoying the true 4th of July experience.
It's a BIG deal in HB. Just trust me.

And, I realize the day's not even over yet, but since Audrey's napping now (and I have no clue how considering it's a noisy-ZOO-crazy-party-frat-boulevard at our complex), I thought I'd quickly post photos from our morning at the famous HB 4th of July Parade. 

It was a fun, "let freedom ring" kinda morning. Audrey really enjoyed the parade, the music, the BIG TRUCKS, the horses, the helicopters, the kids....

We're very lucky to live so close to the action downtown.
Or, are we?

Not going to lie, at this very moment I'm considering a move to Orange. 
Or, Irvine. 
Or, some other quiet OC suburb. 

HB is nuts in the summer. 
Darn tourists. ;)

Anyway, wish us luck and hope you're enjoying Independence Day! 

love, kerry

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